Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fork, Part 2

Had some time to work on the fork this week.  The fit up on the crown was a bit on the gappy side, so I went with 50N silver instead of my customary 56%.    

56% flows faster, melts at a slightly lower temperature, and I just generally love working with it.  

50N is a bit thicker, and a bit more sluggish.  It has a few advantages: it will fill larger gaps, it will form small fillets for strong joints on brake bridges/other high stress braze-ons, and I'm told that it wets out more easily on stainless steel than some other silver alloys.

The downside is that I just haven't gotten the hours in with it to feel totally confident when it's necessary.  I ended up doing a second pass to make sure I had good penetration, and definitely crisped some flux near the end (should have let it cool down and re-fluxed it instead of heating it right back up).

That said, I think I'm going to stick with this one.  I was able to draw the silver through to the pins, and I think it's unlikely that I have a bad fill.

Here's the crown all cleaned up.  I love Henry James' crowns, they have this beautiful elegance to them.  I can't wait to see it with some paint on it.

I also love hourglass spindles.  I set these up to work with Nitto/Rivendell's Hub Area Rack.  It's a gorgeous piece of gear.  I can't imagine actually needing four bags for the kind of riding that I do... but WHAT IF? 

Worth mentioning: I used 50N for these rack mounts too.  Note the nice little fillet around the base of each of them.  

Here's the whole thing.  It needed a bit of a twist, but I've gotten it pretty straight. 

Bonus image: my co-blogger, Gimble.  She gets her own chair.

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