Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brazing Interlude Part Duex


I started today working on another fake-lug practice piece.  I used a bit too much silver, but it filled nicely and turned out well.  Pretty close to perfect.  I just need to keep the heat down a bit to avoid crispy flux.

Seat Lug

I followed up the sleeve by brazing up the last investment cast lug from my initial lug/tubeset (the one that never really panned out).

This didn't turn out quite as well.  I got the shorelines filled, and most of the higher stress areas, but I wasn't able to fill the crease between the two tubes all of the way to the very center in a lot of places.  The gap is pretty small, but I'll have to work on it a bit.  

I also had trouble getting the filler to flow under the "ears" at the back.  The ears basically just clamp down on a seatpost, so it wouldn't be likely to cause a catastrophic failure... still, I'll have to start by getting them nice and hot next time.

My new lugset is thinner, but covers more area.  The shorelines are also a lot smoother, no huge points coming from small joints.  I think that'll help a lot when it comes to getting an even flow without overheating things.

Here's what's left after the autopsy!

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